Xpress Grill

Completely Redesigned Garland XPress Grill

The Next Generation in Two-Sided Cooking

The XPress Grill’s upper and lower grill plates cook both sides simultaneously, reducing cook times by up to 50%. The precise temperature controls ensuring food is cooked to appropriate core temperature ensuring operators achieve consistent quality and food safety. Plus, rapid recovery and rapid pre-heat features save energy by allowing the griddle to cool between peak periods.



  • available in 12″ one platen; 24″ one or two platen; 36″ one, two or three platen
  • New 2″ cook height
  • New multi-stage cooking that provides ability to program extra steps with in the same recipe, up to 10

Ease of Use & Cleaning:

  • New EasyTouch screen desing is simple and intuitive with Press and Go interface
  • New USB interfrace — update menus
  • New Single shaft platen lift assembly

Temperature Control:

  • New advanced temperature control, smart anticipation versus on-off
  • Temperature uniformity with five independently controlled heat zones — three on plate and two on platen
  • New Each lane can now be set to different temperature

Energy Savings:

  • Reduces energy by approx 24%
  • New- Lanes can be turned off when not required
  • Annual savings of equipment and HVAC –providing comfort in the kitchen

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